10 reasons to have a Winter wedding

Nowadays, many couples struggle with the dilemma that a few months ago was unimaginable: Having to postpone their wedding due to a pandemic. Many are the couples who are panicking, not knowing whether or not they should change the wedding date, if all the suppliers will be available on their new date, etc.
A lot of couples already decided to change their wedding day, but now they face a much bigger problem: The suppliers do not have the date available due to a lot of postpones. This happens because, couples book their wedding with many months in advance, so if a couple decides to postpone in April 2020 and books their wedding to September 2021, there’s a high possibility that the venue, photographer or videographer no longer has the date available.
Most people dream of a Spring or Summer wedding. It’s understandable. In the Summer the days are longer, there’s flowers everywhere, good weather, everyone’s tanned and looking good and there’s that natural will to dance until morning in your bearfoot. Women can use sleveless dresses, men can take off their shirts and ties after the party, and they can all jump to the pool. We all love a good Summer wedding. Who doesn’t? But since this is a common thing, Spring and Summer started to be called by the wedding industry as “the high season”. From May to October, suppliers are full with work, from Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and even some week days, non-stop.
With this new situations we’re facing, many couples have to go for a Fall or Winter wedding. And to all of those who are still deciding whether or not you should postpone to that time of the year, here are 10 reasons why you should do it!
1. More suppliers available
Fall and Winter are without a doubt the least booked time of the year for wedding. Therefore, from November to April we call it the “low season”. Especially between December and March. This means that more suppliers will be available for your wedding. Some even practice lower prices in this time of the year due to the lack of work. This way, you can guarantee you book your favorite vendor, and you might even save some money!
2. You’ll need less time for planning
Still related with the previous topic, the more busy the season you want to get married is, the higher the possibilities that your favorite vendors are busy and, consequently, you’ll need to start planning and contacting your vendors with much more time ahead. A lot of couples are already contacting vendors for 2022!
By getting married on the low season, you can relax and plan it with less time because more vendors will be available. For the couples who are always busy, for those who don’t like planning stuff or even for those who can’t wait to get married, this is the perfect choice! You can contact the vendors just a few months before the wedding and they might be available.
3. In Portugal, Fall and Winter doesn’t mean bad weather
This is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t want to get married in the Winter. But this time of the year doesn’t necessarily mean bad weather. Of course that it won’t be 30 degrees and the Sun won’t set at 9pm but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a sunny warm day. Fun fact: The first wedding I photographed was in December, 21st, and it was very hot and it was sunny all day. The bride even wore a sleeveless dress.
Besides that, Portugal has great weather even in the Winter! In December 2019 the temperatures were around 18 degrees. And even if it rains or gets cold, you can wear a fluffy stylish jacked to keep you warm.
Also, in Portugal we say “Boda molhada é boda abençoada”, which means that if it rains on your wedding day, your wedding will be blessed.
4. The venues and the decorations
The venues are beautiful, and we always want a beautiful outside place. But in reality, the details that we pay more attention when we visit a venue are on the inside. We can choose a venue with tiles, with more paintings, with more details, etc.
Because it’s a closed place, there are less space for your guests to spread and the party will be in just one place. And who says that you can’t have an outdoor wedding? Many venues provide awning and stove to keep you and your guests warm when you need a bit of fresh air.
If you’re having a Winter wedding, you can choose so many kinds of different decorations. You can go for a room with a lot of candles, and all type of decorations that would get ruined in the outside or that wouldn’t work on a warm day. You can add moss and pine cones to your table center, or you can go for dry leafs and logs. The possibilities are endless!
5.  Winter colors
This is still related with the decorations, and it’s a point we can’t ignore: Fall and Winter colors are amazing!
A Fall wedding can include colors such as orange, green, brown, etc. Colors that remind us of the trees and the dry leafs. This palette will absolutely create a warm and cozy environment to make the couple stand out. To this palette, you can add a rustic decoration and the final result will be gorgeous.
To a Winter Wedding you can choose a palette that includes colors such as dark pink, dark red, bordeaux, light blue and white. We don’t always think of white for a wedding because we associate this color to brides, but have you ever imagined getting married with an all-white decoration? Like you were in the snow. Could there be a more magical scenario than this?
6. Your guests will be really looking forward your wedding
Everybody loves to attend a wedding, whether it’s in the Winter or in the Summer. But some people find themselves having a lot of weddings during all Summer weekends. This makes the guests feel tired and very used to it, and this can make them not give your day the special attention it deserves.
Besides that, there are less Winter weddings, people already had their vacations on the Summer, and they have quieter months on the Winter. The fact that they are invited for a Winter Wedding gives them something to looking forward to, a social event on their calendar. Also, since it’s not a hot high season, you won’t have guests that can’t attend your wedding because they’re spending a week vacation on Algarve or Ibiza.
Last but not the least, it’s cold so your guests will drink to stay warm. And we all know that drinks and guests is a mix that always works on a wedding!
7.  Comfort food
Seems odd, right? But it’s very common that on Summer wedding there’s a lot of  food waste. People are hot, so they don’t feel like eating. This means that the couple paid for a service that won’t be fully used by their guests. But in the Winter, we’re always hungrier and a nice warm soup feels just right. Also, in the Winter callories doesn’t count, so we don’t feel that guilty to attack the dessert bar.
For some reason it’s called “comfort food”, right? When it’s cold, all we want is to be comfy and ward. Have you imagined your wedding cocktail with people drinking a nice soup of a mug with a blanket on their back? Ah, and don’t forget the fireplaces.
8. The souvenirs
By saving in other wedding details, you can invest on other type of souvenirs! Or you can give something really useful like scarfs or leave some blankets around the venue that will keep your guests warm during the night and then they can take home? And if you get married near the holidays, you can offer them a Christmas’ ornament for their Christmas tree.
9. The wedding dress
Getting married on a closed space doesn’t mean you can’t wear a sleeveless dress, because it’s not always cold on the inside. But you can also go for a long sleeve dress, with a laced sleeve. Or you can choose a sleeveless dress and add a nice coat on top of that. The bride can simply rock her wedding dress and accessories and by adding a cape or a coat, it will look like she has two outfits.
10. The romance
High temperatures require intimacy and warm hugs! We just want to cuddle our better half. Aaaaaand, have you imagined the Winter light for the photos? Both of you cuddling each other, hugging with a blanket all over you… And if you get married on a place with snow! So magical. Do you know that in Portugal you have lot of places with snow in the Winter?
Also, because the end of the year is near, people tend to be more grateful and nostalgic, and you’ll cherish your day even more because of that.
But don’t forget that the most important thing of all is you two, and the day you chose to celebrate love. Whether it rains or not, whether it’s hot or cold, as long as you’re together, that’s all it matters.
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