About Me

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Rita Plácido

Storyteller. Hopeless romantic. In love with life.

I started taking photos in an early age, I remember sitting down on my old living room floor spending hours looking at photos. I learned the ability to travel through time and freeze a moment.
One day, I realized photographing weddings and love stories is what makes me whole. I like to photograph and deliver the photos like I was doing it for myself.
I love honest smiles, raw emotions and pure moments. I love taking photos of what's happening and tell your story from my point of view. The tears, the laughs, the happiness, all those memories that stay once the moment is long gone.
I want to tell that story, because it is unique, it's special and there's nothing else like it.


Travel dates

  • Coming soon
  • Due to covid I'm not accepting weddings abroad, outside of Portugal for 2021.
  • But If you're visiting or getting married in Portugal, I'm more than happy to be part of your day.
  • If you're facing the terrible decision of having to postpone your wedding, I'm so sorry for you and I will help you in everything I can.
  • At this time, rescheduling has no for dates that are still available for this year or next.
  • We will be together soon, travelling all over the world and taking your beautiful photos in this beautiful planet.

Your wedding photographer

You deserve a service that truly captures your essence. I'm a photographer that will be fully dedicated to your day. You'll have a photographer that will be by your side through all the moments, that will laugh and celebrate with you, and calm you when you're feeling nervous. I'll give my best to help you with your wedding before, during and after your wedding day.

Let's chat to see if I'm the perfect photographer for your day. Fill the wedding form, and I'll email you asap with all the details you'll need.

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