Best of 2022: The year in 100 pictures

This year I decided to do again an article that would sum up my year, the very best of 2022. This year was crazy, this year was wild, this year was filled with work. We had couples that booked their dates back in 2019, couples that booked their date 6 months prior to the wedding and, I even had – and this is a true story – a couple that 2 weeks before the wedding noticed they asked me and booked the wrong date. As you can imagine, we immediately turned our stressed mode on. Fortunately, everything went well in the end, and I was able to be present on their wedding day and give them the best photos they could imagine.

Being 2022 the year I had the most work by far, it was only fair that I would do the best of 2022 blog post. The first time I did this was back in 2020, I was at home during quarantine and made a small slideshow summing up my 2019. You can check that video in here.

It is always incredible and bittersweet to do this exercise where you look back to your year. In a way, it seems so distant, there were some photos that I thought I took in 2021. On the other hand, it’s incredible to see how much I’ve grown and how my style has been changing lately, and I think you’ll notice it in some photos.

Anyway, this Best of 2022 would not be possible without the best clients. I’m so lucky. I had the best couples in 2022, I had so much fun at their weddings, I started to love taking photos on the dance floor, something I didn’t enjoy previously. I spent great afternoons with families and parents-to-be. I have the opportunity to take photos of the most beautiful wait of their lives, and I’m always presented with photos of their babies once their born, and I love to feel like a kind of distant-auntie.

Also including the best of 2022 are the vendors I crossed my path with. Either other photographers, wedding vendors such as planners, decorators, florists, you name it, but even small businesses that trusted me to take photos of their beautiful pieces.

I am really really grateful.


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