How to choose your wedding photographer

One of the first things you have to choose when planning a wedding is the photographer, right after the date and wedding date. Today I’ll share with you 6 tips to pay attention when thinking How to choose your wedding photographer.


Photography style

First of all, you should sit and discuss as a couple what type of photography do you identify with the most. There are a lot of photography styles. Do you like documentary photography like photojournalism where the photographer is a mere observation of the action? Or do you prefer a more traditional photographer? Do you like more natural photos or do you seek for a photographer who will guide you and help you to look good in the photos through poses? Note that there are documentary photographers that will also guide you in the couple’s photoshoot to make sure you look good. There are also traditional photographers that will take photos when you least expect. You always need to research a lot and check the photographer’s portfolio. And, if possible, have a meeting with the professional.

Editing style

After choosing the photography style you identify with the most, you should also consider the editing style. Do you prefer photos with darker tones? Or with brighter tones? And the colors? Do you like more neutral colors or more saturated? Do you prefer photos with colors true to the reality? Do you like an editing that will clear your face out of imperfections? Or do you prefer something some natural? When you look for a photographer, you should check their photography and editing style. The photos you see on the internet or in their portfolio is what you consider you’ll receive. This means that if you see that a photographer has a style of editing, you can’t expect him to deliver something completely different. Use Pinterest to search for editing styles to look for inspiration and see what do you like. Per example: dark and airy, documentary wedding photography, etc.


Once you selected some candidates that are similar to what you like, you should start inquiring to see which photographer is within your budget. Here’s a tip: The budget set for photography is usually 10% of the total wedding budget. Photography is an expensive service but after all it will be the physical memories that will stay once the day is over. And always remember that we’re talking about a day that doesn’t happen again.


Nowadays, the biggest form of marketing is the influence. We trust more on something that someone recommend us than what we see in television. A lot of photographers, as well as others wedding industry vendors, have feedback published on their website and social media. You should read all these feedbacks and check what people think of these photographers and what they felt working with them. It’s likely that your experience with this photographer will be very similar to theirs.


This topic is very vague. Every photographer has their deliveries. Some photographers deliver the photos on an online gallery, others deliver an USB pen, others devliver printed photos. Some deliver all 3. Some photographers sell printed photos on the wedding day, others don’t. Some photographers deliver albums, others don’t. Consider what each photographer delivers and see what makes more sense to you as a couple and what you’d like to receive after your wedding day.


In my opinion, besides the photography style, this is the main point to pay attention when considering a photographer. Before signing the contract, I recommend you have a face to face meeting. Photography is mostly human connection, and you need to have empathy with your photographer. If you feel comfortable around your photographer, you most likely feel comfortable during your wedding day. Your photographer will be the only vendor who will be with you from the begging to the end of your wedding day. It’s important that you see in this person someone you can trust and you’d like to have with you during your wedding day. The more comfortable you feel, the more relaxed you’ll be on your wedding day and your photos will be better.

So regardless of what you like, make sure you do a lot of searching and you have a face to face meeting to get to know your photographer! It will really help your decision.


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