Portugal Wedding Photographer

I’m so glad that you’re here and that you’re interested in my work. I love when my clients and I are on the same page and understand that although the most important thing on your day is YOU and your connection, photography is a huge part of your wedding budget and we have to make it worth it! On the end of the day, you’ll have the perfect coverage of your day, with some beautiful and romantic portraits.

My photography style is very documental. I’m a super low-key person and I like to capture the moments as they happened.  Candid photos, without a lot of posing. Genuine smiles and true emotions.  I like to work without you noticing that you have a lens pointing at you the whole time. The more comfortable you’re around me and my lens, the best the photos will look. (The best part is that I have close to 1,50m so you might not even see me at all in crowded places hehe). 

What I can guarantee to you is that you’ll have beautiful and natural photos, and a photographer that is truly and completely dedicated to you and to your wedding.

  • 2100 EUR

    Free engagement photoshoot
    Sneak Peek
    Online private gallery
    Wooden box
    50 15x20 printed photos
    USB pen drive
    Wedding Guide

  • 2700 EUR

    Free engagement photoshoot
    Sneak Peek
    Online private gallery
    Wooden box
    100 15x20 printed photos
    USB pen drive
    Wedding Guide



Second photographer

550 EUR

Photographer extra hour

400 EUR

Wedding Album

Portugal Wedding Photographer


For weddings more than 50 kms away from Lisbon

0,65 EUR/km

Overnight stay

For weddings more than 100km away from Lisbon

400 EUR

Express Delivery

Photos delivered in 3 weeks

600 EUR

What they say

Beatriz & Lúcia
Rita was our biggest ally through all the process
Isabel & Rui
Thank you so much for all your suggestions! They were really special and I will forever be thankful to you.
Mónica & João
Rita captured us and our lifestyle so well. She was everything we hoped fore and more!


  • When should I add a second photographer to my wedding pack?

    When your wedding has more than 100 guests; When you and your partner are getting ready in different locations; Whenever I feel like you should, I will recommend you. But it's your choice.

  • Why should I add a second photographer to my pack?

    My assistant will help me make sure that all the key moments are covered as well as all your funny guests moments. If you and your partner get ready on different locations, we can split.

  • Why do you offer an engagement photoshoot?

    To me is very important that you feel comfortable with me on your wedding day. With this photoshoot we'll have the opportunity to break the ice and you'll have more beautiful photos to yourselves!

  • How many photos do you deliver?

    I don't have a limit of delivered photos but never less than 800 photos.

  • How much time do you take to send us the photos?

    It usually takes 3 to 4 months to deliver the photos.

  • What is the gallery for if I have a USB pen?

    The online gallery will be the best way to share the photos with your guests. It will be private and protected with a password. Only you and your guest can access it and download HD photos.

  • Why do you charge overnight stays?

    When weddings are too far away from where I'm based, I need to make sure I'm well rest for your day and for my trip back.

  • How do we know how many nights you'll stay?

    We'll only know that after our meeting. It depends at the time your wedding starts and ends, if you'll have a rehearsal dinner, etc.

  • How is the payment done?

    30% when booking and signing contract, 50% on the wedding's week and the last 20% once the photos are ready

  • Why should we book a meeting?

    We can get to know each other, you can ask more specific questions, we can talk about your day and the best pack for it, and have a great cup of coffee!