Rita Plácido Photography on VOGUE: The Bridal Affair

Rita Plácido Photography on VOGUE

It’s with great pleasure and a lot of excitement that I share with you can now find Rita Plácido Photography on Vogue: The Bridal Affair. You can find me on this issue’s digital version, alongside with other great photographers and videographers who were considered by Vogue “the best of the best in the wedding industry”.

Being featured on Vogue as a wedding photographer is an incredible honour and a testament to the dedication and passion poured into my craft. To see my work recognized among such esteemed talent is truly humbling and fills me with immense gratitude.

I am deeply thankful for every couple who has entrusted me to capture the magic of their special day. It is a privilege to be chosen to document such cherished moments, and I am grateful for the opportunity to immortalize their love stories through my lens.

Moreover, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the vendors who have not only recommended me, but also contributed to making each wedding a beautiful and unforgettable occasion. Their collaboration and support have enriched my journey as a photographer and have made this profession an absolute joy.

In particular, I want to express my gratitude to the couples who believed in me from the very beginning, when I was still creating my portfolio and only had a handful of weddings of experience. Their faith in my abilities has been both motivating and inspiring, propelling me forward in my pursuit of excellence.

Being featured on Vogue is not just a personal achievement; it is a reflection of the incredible relationships forged, and the moments shared with every couple I’ve had the privilege to work with. I am deeply honoured and profoundly grateful for the recognition, and I look forward to continuing to capture the beauty and emotion of weddings for years to come.

Interested in having Rita Plácido Photography on your wedding day? Contact me about your wedding day.

Rita Plácido Photography on VOGUE


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