Create and manage a wedding budget

Today, I will share with you 8 tips on how to create a wedding budget without losing your mind.


1. Create lists

You should create a list with everything you want to include on your wedding day: The venue, souvenirs and even the decorations. You should also consider the wedding dimension: Will you want a big wedding or an intimate one? Will you invite just the close family or all your friends? This list should also include all the small details, such as transportations, civil registration expenses, etc.

2. Priorities

Secondly, I add the priorities to the list. Per example: To some couples, the priority is the wedding dress and they’re willing to spend thousands on it. To other couples, it’s more important to spend on the photography or video. Think as couples what’s more important to you and what you can’t really miss on your wedding day. After that, start organizing the list in order of most important to least important.

3. Set a limit

When you have everything in order of priority, start setting a limit to each vendor. Of course this limit is just an idea as the cost of a service might be a bit higher than expected, but it’s a good starting point for what you think it’s worth more to your day. When I create a budget, I don’t include the maximum amount I can spend. With this method, if by any chance you get to a point where you’ll have to spend more than you expected on something, you still have few money left.

4. Research

After you everything on your list, start contacting the vendors to ask for their prices. Remember that their prices might not be exactly what you thought it would be. You can also ask your friends or family who got married recently to know what’s the usual price for each vendor. There’s also a lot of Facebook groups where you can connect with other couples and ask questions freely, and you also have websites where you can find all this information really quick, like or zankyou.

5. Gifts

On weddings there’s the tradition of guests offering wedding presents. In Portugal, these presents are usually money. But you can have a chat with your close friends, family, bridesmaids, people who you feel comfortable with and ask them to offer you a service for your wedding, even if in groups. Per example: A few years ago, I photographed a wedding that the couple’s friends got together to cover the photography expenses.


For saving money, you can also do it yourself or include low-cost and eco-friendly details. Here are some examples:

  • Use dry leafs and write on them with a golden pen to mark the seat places;
  • Add a photo of the couple to the menu in the shape of a bookmarker. This way, your menu and souvenir will be the same, and you’ll end up saving some money.

7. Stay in control

Create a list with all your expenses to make sure that you don’t go over budget. When you fell you’re spending more than you expecting, try to readjust your list and change your priorities if needed. Be prepared to cut some things of your list that are not a priority.
I like to use an Excel spreadsheet to help me keep control of the situation. But most of all, keep calm and remember that this day only happens once, and it’s meant to celebrate your love. Everything that’s important will happen, even if you have to cut on some things.

8. Ask for help

Some people are just terrible with money and can’t do it themselves. Remember, you can ask for help. You can hire a wedding planner to help you manage your wedding budget. Many wedding planners have services that give you all the freedom to plan your day, but help you stay within your budget, and present you some options that might be more right for you and for what you’re willing to spend.

No matter what you choose or what are your techniques, just remember that this day is about love and celebrating it. And I’m sure that together, you’ll plan the perfect wedding day for both of you.

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